• 3 year guarantee
  • Insurance approved
  • Available in 47 Epoxy colours
Tubes15,88 x 15,88 x 1,2mm cold rolled mild steel tubes
Top & bottom tracksGrade 6063 Aluminium extruded from custom designed mould
Steel-pin rollers6 x 40mm ENIA lead bearing mild steel.
Rollers: 22 x 10mm curved, high load-bearing glass filled nylon.
Flights15 x 2 x 165mm mild steel coil- punched with 3 No x 5,5mm dia. holes.
RivetsEach flight utilizes of 3 No. Rivets
a) 1 No. 4.8 mm x 12mm brass nickel plated rivet
b) 1 No. 4.8 x 15mm brass nickel plated rivet
c) 1 No. 4.8 x 15mm aluminium pop rivet
LockCisa pin and hook slam lock
GalvanizingAll tubes galvanized to ISO 1461
Epoxy coatingAll products are coated to a colour of choice with exterior powder for maximum UV protection